Post Graduate Education for GP's has a long history in the Central Manchester area. Traditionally this has Involved GP's meeting at the Manchester Royal Infirmary on Friday lunctimes to meet new consultants and to actively take part in discussions on topics of interest.

However the past number of years has seen major changes with respect to how clinicians now keep themselves up to date particularly since the introduction of appraisal and revalidation.

There is now a wealth of learning resources on the internet with sites offering  e-learning, national and local guidelines and information on any condition that you are likely to encounter. 

In addition to this many practices in Central Manchester provide their own in house educational programmes and more recently the CCG and localities have staged education events.

The current pace of change in the NHS and the increasing workload has had a significant impact on the time available to GP's for continued professional development, and discovering and making sense of what is available with regards to education in our area can be time consuming and difficult.

With this in mind, it is one of the aims of this site to try to bring together all of the educational events and learning that takes place in Central Manchester not only for GP's but for all of those professionals and staff who have an interest in keeping themselves up to date.

For the future, one of the areas that may well be worth exploring is practice based small group learning involving evidenced based modules which is one of the few means of learning which has been shown to make a real change in practice. This form of learning is very popular in Scotland and has been adopted by practices in Salford one of our neighboring CCG's. For more information on PBSGL please visit

I am also quite keen to receive GPs' views on how to improve the educational programme in Central Manchester. You can either e-mail me with your views or better still make your views known on the Central CCG forum.

I hope you will find this site easy to use and navigate but any thoughts on improving this site would be welcome, as would any information pertaining to educational events that you are planning which would be made available to other GP's and primary care professionals.

Finally I have included some material in the resource section of this site. This includes Message of the month from the tier 2 orthopaedic service as well as scaled down versions of local pathways and guidelines which I will endeavour to keep up to date.I have also provided the results of a recent survey which I have undertaken with regards to educational provision in Central Manchester files/GP_survey. I would like to thank the 30 GP's who took the time to respond.


Dr Bob Mihajlovic

Central Manchester CCG Educational Lead

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13th June 2013